Michigan Map Error

Ok…. I didn’t feel like this was a #support topic or a #features topic, but if you think it is, let me know and I’ll change it strait away!

I never really gave this much thought until today, when I was looking at some approaches into Flint, Michigan, before flying in from Atlanta.

All the other states in the Midwest have clear, real borders (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa; even Ontario). But not Michigan. It’s just a weird blob. Take a look:

For those not familiar with US geography, Michigan is to the right of KOSH in Wisconsin, but to the left of CYYZ in Ontario, Canada.

Does anyone know why this is? Is there a way for it to be fixed?

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I would strongly recommend taking a read through Cameron’s reply to a similar question in another topic which is linked below:

Additionally, feel free to check out this topic linked below as well:

Hope the posts linked above answer your question. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Take care!

Thank you so much!

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Question answered.