Michael_Sides1’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @

Hey guys, Captain Michael here. I will be Manning the ground and tower for VHHH, come by and fly. I am also looking for controllers for approach and departure!

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We don’t post airports open/close here, unless you are practicing your ATC skills via an ATC tracking thread.


Hey. Is this your ATC Tracking thread? If so, this is how you make one.


I fixed the title for you. :)

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Thank you everyone!

Hey Michael!

Just a few things off the start, you don’t need to issue a contact tower as that was in the initial taxi call you gave me.

Also when I requested touch and go’s and staying in the pattern, you cleared me for the option, however you never gave me a pattern entry. Remember pattern entry (if needed), sequence (if needed), and then clear.

After my first touch and go, once I started rolling and was airborne you told me to line up and wait. Just remember to check if I’m airborne before issuing that, and remember that if you clear me for the option I can do a touch and go, low pass, stop and go, missed approach or a full stop.

The departure command was given well with the frequency change given at an appropriate time. Good job! You should check out some of the ATC tutorial videos, there’s a lot of good information there to perfect your controlling!

Otherwise good job, thanks for the circuits! You were very prompt with all your calls, hope to stop by again!

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Okay thank you, would you mind controlling either approach or departure for me? Also don’t be afraid if you want to come back I will try to do better next time for you @Aaron.C

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No worries! I may come back to do some circuits in a bit! I just opened at KDEN, I’ll control here for a bit and then head back on over for come circuits for you to practice.

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Can I come!!!


I’ll probably stop by in a bit. One thing is, you won’t have radar during your practical, so it doesn’t really help to have someone act as appr/Dep. If I were you, I’d focus on reading the ATC Manual and learning how to control without radar. Just a tip! ;)

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I was gonna fly patterns, (I wasn’t infinite Flight 852) but now I need to leave home so I disconnected. I’m just gonna share some quick tips:

  • When a pilot requests a takeoff and ‘remains in the pattern’, you need to specify left or right traffic, to tell them in which direction to fly a pattern. Usually you wouldn’t want it to interfere with the other parallel runway, so when I took off form 25R, right traffic would be applicable.
  • when I requested a runway change, you need to give me a pattern entry before clearance - the correct one would be ‘enter left Downwind runway 25L’
  • When someone is doing patterns, you need to clear them for the option, not clear them to land. This gives them the option to do a touch and go and continue their pattern work.

Watch some more tutorials and read the ATC manual! I look forward to seeing you around more!

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Sounds like a plan, maybe after that you could control my approach and departure that would be helpful.

@Ashton_Earhart of course come on over

@TaipeiGuru thanks for the tip

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Captain Michael here, VHHH is taking a short intermission, I do intend on returning soon

See everyone in the air

Captain Michael here!




VHHH is in intermission I’ll return soon, I am going to do a couple flights myself. I will announce when I reopen!

Please be sure to state that you’re closed in your title, or it could be misleading for people who want to help you ;)

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This is Captain Michael!


It seems like you got a new look, eh @TaipeiGuru ?