Michael_Sides1’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [PASSED WRITTEN] [PRACTICAL PASSED]

Hello, my name is Michael. I am 27 years old and Infinite Flight is my passion. My dream is to join IFATC 😀

So currently I am grade 2, I have been away for a little over a year because I failed the written test 3 times although the last time that I failed it I was close to a passing score. Been controlling on the training server normally I alternate between KSFO, KLAX, and EGLL (my favorites) at my own leisure to try to get back into the hang of things I know these are pretty busy airports but I like the busyness of them. So while I work on re-achieving grade 3 I thought I might as well open a Tracking Thread in the mean time so I can approve my ATC services and knowledge to be of better service to pilots on the TS and ES. Please provide any feedback nessasery, I will do my best to improve my skills so that I can ensure a fun, safe environment for pilots around the world 😀

What I’m looking to improve?: Everything, I’m not going to pretend to be better then anyone else. I rather practice everything needed for IFATC so I’ll be ready. So please if you have some time to kill come by 😀

PS, I learn best hands-on (so-to-speak)

Thanks lot guys, see you in the skies 😀


KADW is now closed for Ground/Tower

Rwy use: Optional

See you guys there!

Thank you if you came by. Will update for next session

Airport: KLAX

Status: CLOSED


Time: N/A

Please come by and give feedback if you can, see you there!

Thank you for whomever came!!

Hey @Michael_Sides1,

I highly suggest you not to open at KLAX for practice purposes as there will be some trolls who won’t follow your instructions and in turn it won’t help you in practicing / sharpening your skills. Avoid opening LHR, LAX, SFO, JFK. Go for some less busy/less popular parallel runway airports like KSJC, KFAT, KADW.


Thank you Sir, I’ll keep this in mind for future sessions, could I tag you for future sessions?

No worries, but I am afraid that I don’t have much time to attend your sessions, a little busy these days, sorry


I will be in you next session. Just tag me. And i’ll bring maybe one friend if he can

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Thank you!

I am literally arriving into Bangkok rn on training server, could use some ATC, feel free to pop in lol. ICAO is VTBD

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I’m so sorry I just saw this but would’ve loved to. I’ll tag you in my sessions if it’s okay. @DabOnIF

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Sure go ahead :), I had to go soon after anyways lol

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@DabOnIF awesome thanks :)

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Airport: EDDL

Time: now

RWY use: Your choice.

Arrival/Departure/ pattern work allowed.

Feedback always requested

Acceptable Aircrafts: your choice.

Session Tags: @SierraHotel @Yehia_Mohamed @DabOnIF

Please come by and help me on my journey

Status: Now closed

Thank you to all who came by 😀

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I had stopped by with the callsign VT-JEL. Below i have listed a few of my observations:

  • Clearances for me and H-AVIA on our first patterns each were issued on final. While this isn’t technically incorrect, general consensus is to issue clearances on crosswind on early downwind, as you did on my second pattern. This allows the pilot to know who they are following from the beginning of their pattern.

  • Generally the pattern entry should be issued before (or with) the sequence, and the sequence should be issued before the clearance.

  • On my second pattern i was asked for my intentions on final. This was already communicated prior when i requested take-off clearance, i was remaining in the pattern, and was cleared for the same.

  • The correct response to my runway change would have been “enter right downwind runway 23R”. I’ve attached a picture of a detailed standard pattern from our ATC manual for your ready reference:

  • On my final pattern as i stated my intentions on making a full stop landing, i was issued a duplicate clearance - this wasn’t required since i was already cleared beforehand.

  • My runway exit was missed, it is preferable to issue these when the aircraft groundspeed is between 60-70 knots.

  • Runway crossings can be issued proactively, even without the pilot requesting prior. If you notice they would need a crossing clearance, you may issue it right away provided the runway is clear.

  • Runway crossings are always issued by naming the active runway in use, not dependent on which side of the runway an aircraft is crossing from. Even though i was closer to runway 05R, since we were utilizing runway 23L, it would have been appropriate to issue the runway crossing for runway 23L.

Hope the feedback was helpful. Please feel free to ask if you have any queries.

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Thank you, I will keep this in mind for future sessions! I accept and appreciate all feedback. May I tag you for future sessions? @Jet_Airways_995

Yes, you may tag me if extra pilots are required. On a side note, i’ve just edited my feedback above to include guidance on runway exits.

Thank you!

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Thank you Sir

Sorry I couldn’t come, I had a little sleep in this morning

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You’re fine, maybe next time. I plan to keep tagging those previously tagged every session in the future unless requested not to

Airport: KADW

Session Time: Ran for 1 hr

Status: CLOSED

RWY use: Optional

Acceptable Aircrafts: at your discretion

Arrival/Departure/Pattern work accepted.

Session Tags: @Yehia_Mohamed @SierraHotel @DabOnIF @Jet_Airways_995

Feedback would be appreciated

All pilots are welcome to come by

*Please come by and help me through my journey to IFATC 😀

Thank you everyone for coming!

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