Michael_O_Sullivan ATC Tracking Thread (CLOSED)

Passed IFATC theory test, training for practical. Public feedback is fine but feel free to PM if you prefer. Anything goes, throw me as many curve balls as you like. Thank you.


congratulations for your exam, now for practice.
Good luck, someday I’ll fly when you’re online!

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Congrats Michael. Hopefully I can join a future session. IFATC is a lot of fun! Looking forward to having you join.


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Open for 1 hour. KMEM Light winds 5kt blowing from NE.

Open Moscow for an hour. Not expecting many customers mind you

Dopping by now. LS296

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Just a few things:

  • After a runway change, remember to give “after the option, make X traffic”
  • After a Go Around, you need to clear again. You hadn’t cleared me, hence my repeating my position and then eventually going around again.
  • Issue FCA after you have approved a departure

Hope this helps!

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Thank you Liam. I will take note.

Also… well done on all the other things you did well! :)

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Open Edinburgh for next hour on TS

VHHH open for training

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KMKE 1930-2030Z open

KIAD Washington now open Training

KBOS open training

Now that I know we both like stats (at least sometimes!) I definitely have to join when you are open! Hopefully the timing will work! :)

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Open training EGKK.

FAOR open.

Open 1800-1900 training

Which airport?

I changed it in the Title. Will include in the comments for future reference. Sorry for confusion.