Michael Mc TS ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

Preparing for IFATC.Please come by anytime for ever improving ATC services. Will try to accommodate pilot requests as long as traffic permits. Pattern work welcomed when able. Thank you in advance for your help in furthering my ATC career here on IF.


KSEA T&G Open for 1 hour.

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Hey Michael, you did very good. I only can add when you give pattern instructions don’t say left or right traffic every time. Just when you want an airplane to change pattern direction and/or rwy but I find it a minor thing. But ALWAYS give a clearance before landing. Otherwise the plane has to go around what I didn’t do by the way 😊! For the rest keep up the good work! Cheers Southwest44


LFPG open T&G. Expect RWYs 08L/09R closed

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