MIAT Mongolian Airlines Boeing 737-800

About MIAT Mongolian Airlines
MIAT Mongolian Airlines is the flag-carrier and national airline of Mongolia, headquartered in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of the country. The airline commenced flights on 1956 and since then has been the largest airline of Mongolia. Their main base is Ulaanbaatar, where they fly to different destinations of Mongolia, Asia, Russia and Germany in Europe. They fleet is made up of 6 planes, while there are 4 Boeing 737 MAX 8 on order to increase and modernize their fleet. The 737-800 makes up the biggest part of their fleet, fitting their business model perfectly. It enables them to fly long routes, with a lower number of seats. The Boeing 767 is used for long-hauls.
Why i would like this livery to be on Infinite Flight
Mongolia is a very beautiful country with a very underrated scenery, ranging from high mountains to endless field, deserts and lakes. Currently we have almost no livery option to fly to this country. With the incoming 737 update, this livery would be perfect to discover Mongolia.

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Very nice livery but I hope they will add it in IF

When I get votes I’ll vote.✈🙂🙂🙂


I would really like this in the game to be honest

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I also agree

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This is gorgeous! I’d love to fly realistically in this region.

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Personally, I’d like this livery on the 767 as well and also when they get their 787

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the 737 definitely needs more liveries and this should be one of them in terms of diversity

Need This !