MIAT Mongolian Airlines 787-9

MIAT Mongolian Airlines
MIAT Mongolian Airlines is the national airline of Mongolia, headquartered in the MIAT Building in the country’s capital of Ulaanbaatar. The airline operates international scheduled services from its base at Chinggis Khaan International Airport in Sergelen, near Ulaanbaatar. They recently got 787-9’s for their longer routes into Europe to replace their older aircraft.

Routes (PLANNED)
Ulaanbaatar - Frankfurt
Ulaannbaatar - Istanbul

Oh dang. That’s a nice looking plane. I’m glad they replaced their 767s, they were looking a little rough, but it’s a little sad anyways.


Gimme pls livery very good



Thanks @Ishrion


I’ll throw in a vote. Definitely a solid 787 livery.

Impressive and niche livery! Will certainly add impetus to discover parts of the world usually less travelled to…hope this gets more votes!

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MIAT Boeing 787-9. Posted on Facebook.

Mongolian Airlines first one 787-9


This livery is in much need of a bump! Id love to see this unique, and simplistic livery on 787-9 😍😍
The picture I found above is of one approach final in Frankfurt Germany, September 2023