MIAT Mongolian Aiines 737-800 or 767-300ER OR 787-9

It would be nice if IF added atleast one MIAT livery whether that be a 737, 767, or 787 because I feel like Mongolia is one of the most underrated sceneries in Infinite Flight and sometimes the world with the vast open steppes, Gobi desert, and tree-capped mountains. Currently we have a few airlines to fly in and out of Mongolia such as the Korean Air A330, Aeroflot 737, Air China 737 etc. However this is still a very limited number of options and I feel like there could be more. Also it would be nice if the IF team added the New Ulaanbaatar Airport and fixed the current one.

You can only make a request for one of those. An image (with credits) and some background on the airline must also be included

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Feel free to vote for the 737 request too. The 767 is free to my knowledge.

One feature per request please.