Miami Zello Fly-By @ KMIA - 151800ZJAN17

Server: *Casual

Region: South Florida

Airport: KMIA

Time: 1800Z

NOTAM: Zello server is KMIA TWR 118.3 and approach is Miami App 120.5 Thats it

The ATC are @ALFLONSO22 and @Personmajig

No GA planes allowed


Please attend

Pls everyone who views this topic pls reply if you’re joining

All Zello events must be on the Casual server.

Oops sorry didn’t know

Since when

Since forever. :) You cannot provide a lesser ATC service for those who don’t use Zello, just because you’re having an event. That’s unfair.

Como funciona con zello?

Como asi y escribe. En ingles

Will join at tonight

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How do i find it on zello

On Chanels search Miami TWR 118.3 for tower and ground and Miami App 120.5 for Approach

please tune into the frequencies

Hes not my friend

still online?

sir were still opwn

May pop in, Mats you going?

yes still active

coming in a sec

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