MIAMI turquoise water

Today I was able to take wonderful pictures around Miami which I wanted to share with you. Good luck with your flights.



Hey man I’m from Miami and the first few pics are of Bimini, Bahamas and the rest are in the Keys which are in a different county and not even considered part of Miami.

I flew in The Straits of Florida , located south-southeast of the North American Mainland.

Yeah the keys are in there

some beautiful views! Took a flight down the coast in the cessna too, gotta appreciate the scenery there

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What are the falcons doing down there? Lol.

Stunning! 😍😍😍

Cool pics and nice livery! Never seen before.

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Thank you very much.

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RIP Air Tran.

That scenery is wonderful… Great job!

Thank you for the praise.

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