Miami To Fort Worth

Hello IFC

I did a flight today between Miami and Dallas Fort Worth in the American 789! Hope you like the photos!


Server: Expert

Flight time: 2:30

Aircraft: Boeing 789


Always nice to see a Malaysia Airlines 737 in Miami!


Beautiful pictures. There is something I seriously love about the American Airlines Boeing 787-9. 😍

Amazing pictures!😍

@Kuba_Jaroszczyk- Thanks! The American 787 is amazing!

@KindaTartySliceOfPie- Thank you!

@NordicFlyer- Realism at its finest!

I thought using a 787-9 wasn’t realistic until I saw the MH 737 😂

Great pictures though!

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I will PM you tomorrow about the possible group flight ;)

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Was just about to PM you about that ;)

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Awesome pictures 👍

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Thanks bud!

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Ahem… actually flown with a 772 ;)

Great pics!

great pics !

I believe I saw you on the map, I was doing the return

@Altaria55 Yes I know😅 I don’t know but I wanted to fly the dreamliner😂 Thanks!

@Akinxri- Thank you!

@TimShan05- I think I saw you too!

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