Miami to Cali Birthday Bash recap

I would’ve posted more but my replay got glitched to where it only shows the first second and than ends randomly for no reason even though I was connected to the server the entire time but something is still better than nothing!

Me, @Prestoni, a random companion and @Nicolas_Villamizar while @EastTexasAviationYT was to our right us getting ready to go to Cali. We are definitely the best looking planes at this airport gotta love the American Chrome Boeing 757-200 😍

Close up of @Prestoni

@Nicolas_Villamizar trying to be different with a Boeing 737-800 still in the metal livery so no complaints there 👍 in the back is @EastTexasAviationYT or me can’t really tell.

A “companion” following us on the route, you can easily tell he wasn’t a part of the event because he isn’t even in a AA metal livery wearing the new one which still looks good but the old is just superior.

@IFLover all the way across the airport in the south terminal in a Boeing 787-8 making him the only widebody participant he spawned with the AA B788 ( pictured ) before switching to the Avianca Dreamliner making him the one that everybody could tell was him. Sorry if this recap seemed a bit underwhelming, the replay just had to be bugged hopefully it is fixed for when I do possibly another group flight event or even a fly out and as always between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉👋


Fun event! I took off from Miami, but the app decided to crash about 25 minutes after departure.


That sucks, @Prestoni and @EastTexasAviationYT crashed inflight as well so it was rlly only 4 us of us who made it to Cali and thanks! 🙏🏻


This would have been a fun event! Sorry I couldn’t join. I can’t fly a lot due to school and other stuff.

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Those are some astounding and remarkable 757 and the old AA livery


Infinite being infinite


Btw which group it is

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Wym? ( characters)

I mean you’re with American virtual?

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Im not in American virtual it was just a group flight no VA involved

Awesome shots!

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Can you add me in the group

The event ended