Miami Spotting | 2/17/19

Hello IFC! Recently, I got to revisit MIA for some spotting. I was there for about 45 minutes during midday. I’ve probably said this before and I’ll say it again, MIA is probably one of the best airports in the US for spotting, except for maybe LAX and JFK. The spots are good, the variety is incredible (unfortunately midday there’s pretty much just AA and a few cargo airlines which I missed because they went south side), the lighting is good all day, the only problem is heat haze. I’m glad it was sunny that day, finally got to test out my lens in something that wasn’t clouds, snow, fog, or rain.

Equipment: D7500 w/ 70-300 VR
Location: The Holes (08L/R, 12)
Time: 11:45 am - 12:30 pm local

Photo One: Volaris A320-271N (N532VL) Approaching

Photo Two: Volaris A320-271N (N532VL) Side Shot

Photo Three: American A319-112 WL (N9012) Approaching

Photo Four: American A319-112 WL (N9012) Side Shot

Photo Five: American B738-823WL Astrojet Livery (N905NN) Taxiing

Photo Six: American A321-231 (N904AA) Approaching

Photo Seven: Delta A320-211 (N329NW) Side Shot

Photo Eight: United A320-232 (N429UA) Approaching

These last 2 are not from MIA, but they’re still aircraft. These were taken from my cruise balcony before leaving port and after arriving back at port, respectively.

Photo Nine: Tropic Ocean C208B (N384TA) Touching Down

Photo Ten: Cathay Pacific Cargo B747-867F (B-LJI) Banking Out

This one’s not high quality because it’s a huge crop as I’m shooting from 4-5 miles away with a 300mm, but I liked the lighting and background.

Which photo was your favorite?

  • Photo One: Volaris A320N Approach
  • Photo Two: Volaris A320N Side
  • Photo Three: American A319 Approaching
  • Photo Four: American A319 Side
  • Photo Five: American Astrojet B738 Taxiing
  • Photo Six: American A321 Approaching
  • Photo Seven: Delta A320 Side
  • Photo Eight: United A320 Approaching
  • Photo Nine: Tropic Ocean C208B Touching Down
  • Photo Ten: Cathay Pacific Cargo B748F Banking Out

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(Your name will not be revealed, so be honest)


10/10! These pictures were amazing!

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Co pilot in number 8 is just chilling lol


Thank you!

Oh my I didn’t even notice that.

Amazing photos. Great job! :)


thank you Ethan!

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Amaaaaaaazing as usual! Keep it up man, looking forward to more!

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Thanks man! Expect to see more within a month or two

Hey I loved these pics and I love taking pics myself, but I was really curious on what camera and lenses those are, because DAMN they are beautiful pics. I response would be soo cool to see if I could get the same camera and get good shots like these.

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Thank you! D7500 and 70-300 VR. PM me if you need links or other info. Glad to see others pursuing the same passion as me!

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Extra-ordinary shots! Your stuff is getting better and better! Keep up the great work :)

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These pictures are just stunning! I love the low clouds and the lighting. It makes the planes pop!

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How did you take that awesome water landing shot?

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I want to say that person is responsibly checking for wildlife, but that very well could be sunbathing too 😁

They’re all great shots, but I picked the seaplane landing picture because you see the action–the water splash and the prop motion. Also, I’m slightly biased by my location. Screenshot_2019-02-26-13-38-48~2

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Thanks so much!

Yes thank you! I wasn’t a fan of the clouds at the start bc they created this weird lighting effect you can see on the first Volaris but it turned out alright!

From the balcony of my stateroom on the ship before we left port. There’s actually quite a lot of aviation stuff going on in that area!

Haha maybe. And thank you! Also I’m jealous that area is amazing albeit a bit overcrowded.

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Love the pictures. I ain’t the best spotter, but I do always find creative ways to get my shots I need :D. Also to compliment, the watermark is in a great spot.

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You’re a good spotter! And thank you!

Cathy%20777 KLM%20747

Thank you, also here are my two most cherrished shots. Crispy 747. I do also spot from my house since I live below left downwind from KSNA


Cruises make great spots! I was on a cruise Alaska (Juneau, to be specific) and got some shots of seaplanes taking off and landing that were below me while in the air. Got the city in the background which was awesome! They were backlit, but in some cases that doesn’t always matter lol

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Yeah it’s great! No obstructions and it’s private so you don’t feel awkward doing it

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