Miami Approach doesn‘t cover KMIA?

Just landed at KMIA. I tuned in Miami Approach an requested descent via STAR, but it seems to be wrong. ATC replied „please follow instructions“. After requesting approach to KMIA, the answer was „airport is outside of coverage“. It‘s confusing, very confusing. Can someone please explain this to me? Thanks.

This is probably because approach was mainly servicing FLL and probably couldn’t provide the best service to both airports.


Hi, the approach frequencies in Florida are currently opened in Orlando (KMCO) and Tampa (KTPA), so you got denied because KMIA had no staffed approach frequency. I agree that radar frequency names can be misleading sometimes, so your best bet is to check whether it is served on the airport info page

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You only ask for STAR on center, not on approach. Just ask for the approach directly.


Oh, i didn‘t know. Thanks for explanation.

Hey, I’m pretty sure I was the radar controller at that time.

The reason why I wasn’t providing approach and departure service at KMIA was because I was focusing on the featured airport in the ATC schedule, KFLL.

I understand that it can be confusing as you were not the only person who requested services at KMIA.

I hope you understand


Hey, thanks for replying. Yes you were on duty.
When I planed and started my flight this morning (CET), I didn’t realised, FNF will be in Florida.
On approach, I didn’t expect this answer and that confused me. And I thought, asking for descent via STAR after Miami Center closed, was the right procedure.
Now I‘ve learned something again. Thanks.


No problem at all

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