Miami Air's New Livery


Miami Air has introduced a new livery for its 25th anniversary. The 737-800 N758MA is already flying with the new colors.

In comparison, this is the old livery:

Image By Justin Lawrence Taken from

This livery… United, anyone?

What do you guys think of this new livery?


That’s totally copied smh

Everyone copying United lmao. Next thing you know new Copa Livery

You mean Continental… right? They deserve all the credit! 😉

For the original concept that is

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No… the new United livery.

Cough cough United, cough cough, Something got in my throat there where did that come from?


Well Copa had a deal with Continental and that’s why they have a literally identical livery, same font and all, I don’t know whare that deal stands now, or if it is being continued, but that’s why there livery is identical…

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A better take on the Eurowhite theme.

I like the United on but the Miami one is disgusting , sorry.

Cough Cough I don’t like it, lack of color, design, etc. United’s is much better.

This is literally the 2nd airline to copy from United/Continental. Copa Airlines anyone?

Smh… That’s a completely different case and I’m veeeery tired of bringing up this up since I joined the forums. Continental had half of Copa’s shares and they adopted a similar brand.

I guess that deal doesn’t exist anymore. United absorbed Continental and I guess the deal is no longer standing. Though United and Copa shared the Mileage Plus program for some time, doesn’t mean they had control over Copa.

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I just looked, and they do still have a close relationship, does that mean copa will take United new design, I don’t know, but it sounds like it’s still possible…


We do not speak of that here.

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This livery looks so great in person, just imagine this livery with the 800max aircraft. Will look so good

I wish Miami air would rebrand as Air Florida and bring back the old livery. Would be super retro!


That would be so cool.

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