Miami Airport Plane Spotting Series March 2022

Hello folks, yesterday I went plane spotting at Miami International Airport. I spotted the first two planes before class because it was after one in the afternoon and it was getting to two o’clock in the afternoon. So I decided to spot more after class. Then I went to the north side of the Airport and found a place to park where I didn’t want to get in trouble. So I parked there and spotted like five planes before heading back to the other spotting location, which is El Dorado to eat dinner. Then I spotted this Lufthansa flight heading to Frankfurt. So here go the shots from yesterday.

Airport: Miami International Airport (KMIA)
Date: 3/29/2022
Runways: 8R, 8L, 9, 12

First up, Avianca Flight 6, Boeing 787-8 arriving RWY 9 from Bogota

Next up, Avianca Nicaragua Flight 396, Airbus A320neo arriving from Managua

Next up, American Airlines Flight 987, Boeing 737-800 arriving from Santo Domingo

American Airlines Flight 2935, Airbus A319 arriving from Eagle Vail

Next up, United Airlines Flight 381, Boeing 737-900 arriving from Denver

Then a United Airlines Flight 1843, Airbus A319 in the new livery departing to Chicago O’Hare RWY 8R

Next up, American Airlines Flight 826, Boeing 737-800 arriving from Antigua RWY 12

Then an Air Canada Rouge Flight 1645, Airbus A319 heading to Toronto RWY 8R

An American Airlines Flight 112, Boeing 777-200 arriving from Barcelona RWY 8L

Last, Lufthansa Airlines Flight 463, Boeing 747-8 heading to Frankfurt RWY 9

And that completes the plane spotting series at Miami International Airport. I will spot more planes at both Ft. Lauderdale and Miami in the future before the ending of this semester. I hope you enjoyed exploring my photos of planes landing and takeoff from Miami Airport. Anyway, have a blessed day and be safe folks.


Hey man! MIA is pretty cool! But sadly, some of these pictures are too blurry to be considered in the #real-world-aviation:spotting category. You can overlook the rules here:

Happy spotting!

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It is okay, at least we see the planes. It is not the first time that share this type of pictures, and mod don’t close it. So it is not a problem

Nice picture bro


Cool planes quality could be a bit better though

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Well, I use my iPhone 6S to take shots of planes

No problem with that my tip with phones is get as close to the action as physically possible

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Affirmative, I’ll try that next time

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Also you can try shooting through the fence near ramp areas to be as close as possible :)

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May not be the top notch quality but, the jumbo was my fav!

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