Miami Airport Plane Spotting Series 2022 - Part 3

Hello folks, this is the third part of the Plane Spotting Series at Miami Airport. Throughout the whole plane spotting series on Thursday, I have spotted several AA B737’s and B737 MAX’s and then a brand new plane that I have not spotted. Guess which aircraft that is? You’ll see it in the last photo. But anyway, let’s get right onto the shots.

Airport: Miami International Airport (KMIA) 🇺🇸
Date: 2/3/2021
RWY: 9

First up, American Airlines Flight 1124 arriving from Barranquilla 🇨🇴 on the Boeing 737 MAX 8

Next up, American Airlines Flight 1131 arriving from Cartagena 🇨🇴 on the Boeing 737-800

Another Boeing 737-800 with the new AA logo on both sides of the winglets, aboard American Airlines Flight 1400 arriving from Kingston 🇯🇲

Then another Boeing 737-800, on board American Airlines Flight 1338 arriving from Liberia 🇨🇷

And more AA Boeing 737-800’s, as AA Flight 1036 arriving from Aruba 🇦🇼

Then another AA B737 MAX 8, as American Airlines Flight 935 arriving from Puerto Plata 🇩🇴

Here goes finally a different aircraft. It’s an AA livery, but not a B737-800 or a B737 MAX. It is an Airbus A319 as AA Flight 1036 arriving from Camayagua 🇭🇳 . A new airport that I have never been to. I’ll fly there in Infinite Flight one day

Next up, back to the AA B737-800, as AA Flight 2219, arriving from the most famous town in the Caribbean spotted at Maho Beach aka, St. Maarten 🇸🇽

Then we have an aircraft that I wanted to spot, and there goes that MadDog aka, the MD-83 arriving from Santo Domingo 🇩🇴 aboard the World Atlantic Airways

You guessed it! It is the British Airways Airbus A380 that I get to spot. It is a Super Jumbo Jet and the largest aircraft in the world. This was British Airways Flight 206 heading off to London Heathrow 🇬🇧.

And that completes the third part of my plane spotting series at Miami Airport. Today, I will head to Ft. Lauderdale to spot some planes after my English Class cuz again, I have no math class that I have to go to since I have passed the online and offline portion of the test. Have a nice day and stay safe Infinite Flight Community.


good pictures

im just waiting for the moment u spot a plane from barbados 🙃

I can’t go to FLL to plane spot today cuz I don’t time. It’s after 11:00 AM and I don’t want to get home late.

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Nice thread @Udeme_Ekpo
Trust you are keeping well😎

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Ive been on BA flight A380 from LHR - MIA. Fun times indeed✈️
Great to see they are back in full service after BA mothballed A380s in the past 2 years.

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Nice! Glad to see more Miami spotters popping up here! :)

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