Miami Air Officially Ceases Operations

After 29 years of operations, Miami Air International has officially collapsed.

The airline recently filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in late March in order to restructure and secure funding, but Miami Air was unsuccessful in doing so.

Today, Miami Air’s CEO Kurt Kamrad announced that May 8, 2020 would be all employees’ final day at the airline through a letter:

The airline was well-known for operating military and sports charter using their Boeing 737-800 aircraft.



Sad to see another one go.


That very bad!! More jobs lost! And another airline gone…

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Charters are being hit extremely hard cause of Covid.


That’s another one gone. Aviation is just deteriorating all because of someone eating something sketchy.

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Can we have a one minute silence for the airlines that have perished


He bit the dust.

And another one bite’s the dust 😔😣

Aww man! I find them such an interesting airline, sad to see them go.

Rest in Peace, Miami Air. Press “F” to pay respects.

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I’ve actually flown with them twice from Orlando to Miami and back.

V sad And unfortunate for the Employees as well

not in a bad way but i am from miami and have never heard of this airline

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Wow rip so sad to hear

Is this Miami Air International?

Another one bites the dust 😔
Only saw Miami air once


All I can say is, I’m glad I was able to work on their airplanes. Well at least only two of them. They were frequent here at PSM



I was listening to the hearing call this afternoon. My first airline and the airline I’ve loved so much just crumble before my eyes. I have so many countless memories with this airline. I’ve made so many friends that this airline was my second family. I wing walked our last ferry flight yesterday (N735MA, BSK 573) and watched her leave. Only to find out today she, 749, or 758 wasn’t coming home. I worked my first phase check cleaning the belly (735) , learned how to marshal in aircraft (733 & 735), I went on a few taxi runs that were memorable with my friends. Countless memories were made, but I lost a part of my heart.
Here’s 735 on here final flight to storage in SFB

Our last aircraft 739 (both engines are off) being pushed to an MRO down the taxiway for her final touches before going back to the lessor.


I can’t possibly…

…have been the only one…
Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 04.28.22
…that noticed…
Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 04.28.26
…that apparently…
Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 04.28.29
…they have been out of service for a year


LMAO I think you actually are. No one on Twitter or other sites have mentioned anything