MIA Spotting - Part 2 | 03/10/20

Hey, y’all! Here’s Part 2 of MIA spotting. Click here for Part 1!

Up first we have N845NN, a 9 year old 737-800 moments from touchdown from Nassau as AA1026.

Lining up here is CC-CZZ, a 21 year old 767-300F heading to Rio de Janeiro as M38411.

I can’t see the registration on this one, so @Delta319, please do your magic to find out the details on this iAero Airways 737-400!

Here we have LV-FNJ, a 20 year old A330-200 inbound from Buenos Aires as AR1304. This aircraft seems to operate exclusively to MIA, MCO, and CUN.

This is VP-CKW, a 24 year old 737-300 inbound from George Town as KX104.

This here is CC-CXJ, a 10 years old 767-300ER inbound from Lima as LA2460. FR24 shows this as a oneworld livery, but obviously it was recently put back into it’s not-so-well-done LAN livery.

@Delta319 work your magic on this one too lol

I had no idea this one was coming when it did. When it landed, FR24 showed it still all the way over the middle of the Everglades. This is XA-EME, a 21 year old 737-400 inbound from Cancún as E7615.

Again, we have PH-MPS, a 29 year old 747-400F heading off to Bogotá as MP6121.

Finishing it off, we have N342AN, a 17 year old 767-300ER inbound from Cancún as AA1285. Unfortunately, this aircraft will be retiring this May :(

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Very nice, A55. I really like the 4th, 5th, and 7th, & 9th shots. :)

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Thank you!


Awesome shots! The Avianca A330 was may favorite

I love the


Mine too… obviously lol

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N285XA, ex N402KW/EC-GUO/EC-JNU/N587BC/PK-CKC/N606AS/N810TJ, 27.2yo, delivered January 1993. Operated WQ 2232 HOG-MIA

N335QT, 5.9yo, delivered December 2014. Operated QT 4010 BOG-MIA

nice work again.


Nice shot of the Aerolineas Argentinas a330! Love the fan blades and gear tilt.

Ooh man these just keep getting better and better 😍😍 I don’t know why but I just love your editing style.

I’m am absolutely loving the first one, wowza!

Amazing pictures! That Swiftair 734 looks great!

@Suhas @AlphaSeven @Sashaz55 @GlobalFlyer1 Thanks!


Fantastic pictures! Also quite a few rather rare aircrafts in the post (e.g. the really colourful Swift Air). Really well done, thanks for sharing!

Thank you!

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Part 3 coming out tomorrow

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Such crispy shots my guy 🥢

thanks 🥢🥢🥢

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