MIA Spotting - Part 1 | 03/10/20

Hey, guys! This week, I took a trip down to Miami because it’s spring break. I literally spotted for six hours straight. Overall, I have to say that MIA is probably THE BEST airport I have spotted at. Anyway, to the pics!

@EdCruz, we have N335QT, a 5 year old A330-200F coming in from Bogotá as QT4010.

@EdCruz again, same plane as before, coming from the same place as before, operating as the same flight as before.

Next up we have a PH-MPS, a 29 year old 747-400F coming in from Amsterdam as MP6121.

Here we have N186AN, a 18 year old 757-200 inbound from Lima as AA1558 with PH-MPS in the background. Fun fact, N186AN will be flying to my home airport of DFW today!

One of the three 09 departures all day was N536LA, an 18 year old 767-300F heading to Lima as UC1109.

Same plane, same route, same flight number as before.

On to the rarer catches of the day! This is PZ-TCS, a 14 year old 737-700 inbound from Georgetown as PY421. This aircraft is flying the same route today!

Unfortunately, we can’t see the registration, so I don’t know how old it is or where it’s coming from. So, this is a Northern Air Cargo 767-300F that @anon38496261 didn’t know existed.

One of my highlight catches of the day, we have CP-2881, a 25 year old 767-300ER inbound from Santa Cruz de la Sierra as OB767 (how fitting!).

Finally, THE highlight catch of the day is G-BNLY, a 27 year old 747-400 inbound from Heathrow sporting the Landor retro livery. The only BA 747 retro I have yet to see is Negus. @Vidal99977 and @Kamryn, this one’s headed your way today!

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Great shots! Out of likes though :(

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Thank you!



Great photos otherwise :)


Amazing the BA 747 in the retro livery is my favorite 🤩

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Sorry, there was a lot of those :)


Thanks, Armani!


Wow! Great shots! I actually think that the first few shots look like @AlphaSeven’s screenshots (in a good way! 😉)

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Love the photos! Keep up the awesome work!

Absolutely stunning! Really, one of the best I’ve seen by far!

Those are amazing. I have no idea how this only has 10 likes in 45 minutes.

The old stains of the Martinair 747 is just amazing, and the second angle of the Avianca A330 is just stunning

Oh and I can’t forget that 757. They’re awesome, and that photo shows it

Yes! Sadly I cant make my dad take me to the airfield :’’’’’(

Flightradar24 searching led me to this one.
Reg/age: N379CX, ex AAL N372AA. 27.9yo delivered may 1992
Route/flight no.: BW 790 POS-MIA

Nice pictures you have here

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I will try my best attempt to catch it although it arrives at night


These are really good shots!


where’s BIRB

They’re better because they’re real ;)

Thanks guys!



Lol I’m sure you’ll do fine

Thanks, no birb because I didn’t see any that were vibing on a pole or something

There’s one in the first picture though


Man these really nice!!

😍😍 Just one word… AWESOME!!!

I’ve never seen an A330F IRL, nor a shot of it as far as I am aware of. Interesting!

Truly the highlight of a really great post! Thanks for sharing!

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