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Are there any Miami spotters on the IFC? If so, do you know the best spots to spot at MIA, and the runways which are used the most for heavy arrivals? I’ve looked at spotting guides, but I’d like to know from a Miami spotters POV.



I know of one user.

He posts great spotting topics and they are based in Miami!

They are @Udeme_Ekpo.

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@elisua also spots in Miami as far as I know. Maybe she can help you out!

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Yep that’s me doing that

Primary landing runways at MIA are 12 and 9. That is where the heavies come in as well. I’d say it’s split between both runways.

I’ve never been to MIA before, so I don’t have any insider spots, but a popular place to spot is at the end of NW 172 Ave by El Dorado furniture by the threshold of 9.

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Do heavies come in on the 26/8 runways mainly?

Heavies mostly land on 9/27.

Ah, I’ve seen some land on 12/30 and 8/26.

If it’s west flow, ie planes landing/departing towards the west, they use the 26’s for landing instead of 27.

Thank you! 😎 Yes, I’ll go ahead and share some insight for MIA spotting. Thanks ! : )


I think @Goldy does some spotting at KMIA!

Hey! I spot down there sometimes :) Normally runway 9/27 is used but sometimes 12/30 is used. The best spots for 9/27 is a spot near the tracks called the El Dorado spot. There is also a restaurant that is pretty chill with spotters called the 98th Squardren. The spotting guides that you probably looked at has a lot of amazing spots. I’m more of an FLL local so for more info I would ask some of the dedicated Miami Spotters :) Hope that helped a bit.

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