MIA-JFK flight

I will be flying from Miami MIA to New York JFK for American Airlines AA1357 join me at 6 pm EST on the 737! Join me if you can!!!


You’ll get more success by posting a group flight in the Official IF Discord server. There you’ll be able to speak with the interested people and avoid bumping this topic up the forum with every post😉

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oh ok how do i join the discord server?

NEW - Official Discord - A New Infinite Flight Pro Subscriber Perk

Check this topic out

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ok sweet now how do i tell every one lol.

Make a post in #group-flights channel

Make a post here and follow the guidelines, then hope for people coming

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ok found it it says i dont have permission to post. sorry for all the questions but how can post?

Hmm 🤔 I didn’t know there were requirements to post, have you tried to add the group flight role?

do i make my own server?

Do whatever you want with discord, but I’d recommend to do it on the Infinite flight discord server, idk why you can’t post…

You can ask to a mod

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