MIA 8L Runway question

At Miami is 8L a runway i can land on asphalt, concrete etc… because on the map it doesnt have the runway markings it only shows the Touchdown zone not the runway outline if you know what i mean.

I was able to recreate it, seems like an issue.

I moved your topic to #support, so then a moderator/developer might see the topic.

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Yeah Its a runway you can land on believe it or not, pretty crazy. The surface is concrete. The markings on the map probably just failed to generate. I see what you see tho :)

This is because of the type of markings it uses when the airport is edited. Some runways only render the middle line on the map vs the full outline due to the precision vs non-precision setup of the runway.

The runway will be there for you to land on but the map differentiates the different pavement types and runway markings which is why you see more on the precision runways.


Thanks Chris!

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