MHT Aviation music trailer (feedback appreciated)

I just recently uploaded this to my renamed YouTube channel.

I’d like some feedback on the way it was made, it’s my first time making a trailer from scratch.

Tell me what you think below. Thank you!

No poll needed, I’d like to hear your voice so in the future I can make better trailers and videos


I’ll give you a bit of constructive feedback:
The song gives me the wrong idea about the channel. Use something more “i’m happy to be spotting” rather than “something is going to go wrong” type music.

That first blank 8 seconds could have been used, such as to put in a logo, slogan, channel name, or video name. I think it would be awesome to have a little info there.

This video is quite a bit long. Channel trailers generally are a brief summary using 5-10 clips from videos, generally 0:15 to a minute long. Try shortening it by only using your absolute best clips and not all of your clips.

Things I liked:
The variety of different clips were great! I loved the mix of ground, terminal, and on-board shots!
Great variety of aircraft and airlines!
Great variety of daytime and nighttime shots.
Transitions were placed in satisfying spots for the most part
All of the transitions were smooth, consistent, and well edited
I like the one clip where you included the other person . To me, it shows that there is an interest for this in the area.

Overall, this is awesome for a first attempt. I couldn’t have done anything like this! I think it’s awesome that you are trying this, and I think it’s awesome how you attempted from scratch. If you want any more in depth pointers, feel free to PM me!


I for some reason liked this music, which is why it’s included. Here’s a similar music spotting video which has the same song:

This inspired me to use the music, since for me, it made me more interested in the video.

Thanks for your feedback dude!

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