MHT Aviation Great Maine Airshow Airshow Trailer + Blue Angels pictures

Hey everyone!
Yesterday, I went to my very first airshow in Brunswick, ME at the Brunswick Executive Airshow!

I happen to find out about the September 4-5 Airshow on accident last Tuesday, August 31, 2021.

Scrolling through Instagram, there was an advertisement about an airshow in Maine, and it happened to be that same weekend on September 4th and 5th,

I Hastily bought tickets for Sunday, as it was my only opportunity to see an airshow without having to work one.

Sunday, September 5, 2021, I left my hometown of Manchester, NH and made the grueling 2hr 50min drive to BXM. I say grueling because it’s my longest drive ever (longest drive I’ve done in my 2 years driving), as I left at 0630, and made it to the airport at 0835, early as to get a good parking spot.

I brought my Canon SX60 HS, Tripod, and 3 batteries, because it was going to be a long day of recording the event.

Even thought this is my first airshow, I wanted to film it for my YouTube Channel, so I can go back and watch it as many times as I want. Even seeing the airshow through my camera, I can see up close to the action.

I was honestly lost for words when it comes to how it felt being at my first airshow, I was taken away by how effortless acrobatic pilots are able to do hard turns and experience 10 G’s with no G-Suit, and how they literally just throw their airplane into a tumbling stall and recover as if it was a piece of cake.

The final part of the show, was obviously the Blue Angels.

Now having fueled and worked around an F/A-18 Super Hornet, I knew how loud it would be, so I brought my ear protection that I use for work at the airshow

I have heard of the Blue Angels before, and have seen plenty of videos, but even filming them myself, and seeing the action through my camera, I was just so mesmerized by how skilled the Blue Angels are at such effortless coordination when it came to flying those planes nearly a feet apart

They did a surprise Sneak Flyby, which was just under M1.0 at 700mph and Of course, I saw at the last minute, and caught a super blurry video of it, but that plane was just way to fast and I was blown away by the vapor cone around the aircraft, being at the sound barrier.

The airshow left me with such a great memory, and now I want to see the Blue Angels once again.

I filmed the majority of the airshow, but stopped filming a few times just to admire the airshow as well.

I decided to create a Trailer for my very first upcoming Airshow video, and it’ll premier on YouTube once I start editing the video tonight, and you’ll get to experience the 2021 Great Maine Airshow as well

Watch the trailer here:

Blue Angels pictures

I was able to snap a few pictures, but majority was filmed because it was a lot harder to take still pictures.

Blue Angels lineup Prior to the event at 1500

Blue Angels 1-6 taxi out to the Runway with the crowds watching

The first four F/A-18’s lined up for the diamond takeoff

Blue Angels making a turn back to the airfield in diamond formation

Blue Angels number 5 does a hard pull and has a cloud of vapor around the top portion of the aircraft

Blue Angels showcasing the four planes in a side to side performance

Blue Angels flyover at a high altitude

Diamond formation flyby, with 2 side, and one on top of each other

The airplanes lined up after landing and giving us a great show.

Thanks for viewing my post! I hope you liked the pictures!


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