MHT Airport Spring Update 2019 with the new Airport Director

Hey everyone!
I thought I’d make this post today to help you all know about MHT having it’s public update showcasing the issues MHT is facing every year, from declining passenger numbers to new routes.

I’ll update this when it is finished. In the meantime, if you’re a flier from MHT, and have questions about MHT, or a question about in general about the airport, comment them below :)


Update #1

A working airline named Moxy Airlines, will possibly be a candidate to a future airline that might fly into MHT when the airline starts up.

The airport director will be talking with them to possibly service MHT in the future


Presentation has finished at 1:00pm, what a great presentation about our airport, and the potential for our airport to grow.

Our airport director talked a lot about our airport, and how many of us New Hampshirites take Boston instead of Manchester.

Presentation slides

Ted Kitchens (on the podium) talks about our airport’s current issues facing the airport today.

The amount of frequency of Non-Stop flights, Daily seats, and Average Fare out MHT

Carrier Market Share out of Manchester, NH. Notice that Southwest serves the most out of MHT

MHT serves these cities with One Stop under 90 minutes

MHT serves these International destinations One Stop with a stop under 90 minutes
These charts show similar airports on how they’re stoping leakage of travelers that fly out of other airports (like COS and DEN).

More seats are being filled, which means we might get more Mainline aircraft into MHT.

Q and A

We asked a lot of questions, so i thought I’d share some here

Q: Why did Southwest not return Seasonal service from FLL to MHT?
A: The Airline did not give the airport enough time or notice that FLL was returning. Thus, the route wasn’t advertised a lot. They did not coordinate with the airport when they began FLL again.

Q: Have you considered International service? Have you spoken to a couple of International a carriers?
A: We have thought of serving airports that have Pre-clearance, like Toronto-Pearson in Canada. We have spoken to a number of Canadian airlines. Air Canada did not want to serve us since they serve Boston, and we have spoken to Porter, and they’re trying to get Billy Bishop as a Pre-Clearence airport, which might possibly bring them here. We have seen airlines such as EasyJet purchase the A321neo. If they decide to purchase the A321LR, we could possibly see them as an option for Manchester.

Q: Why do we not have service to places like Denver or Las Vegas? We don’t have any cities in which is easier for us to connect to the west coast.
A: A lot has to do with scheduling. Southwest, for example, could use that plane that would fly DEN-MHT for 5hrs, and use that on smaller routes and make the same amount. We have spoken to Frontier, United, and Southwest to see if they can bring in Denver.

Q: Delta has recently cut their sole Atlanta flight for January to March this year, why can’t they just add more frequency to ATL?
A: We have asked Delta to switch out their MD88 a couple of times since it’s very inefficient and uses a lot of runway, when they could use the Airbus A320 or newer airplane to serve that route. We have also asked if they could simply just do ATL x2 CRJ900 Daily, but they are more focused on their Boston Hub. They are sending us an A320 for the summer, but for some reason is reverting back to the MD88 in the winter.

Q: Why did Delta Stop Mainline to Detroit?
A: That is a good question that I never knew about, I’ll look into it deeper and ask the airline about it.

Q: Will Delta increase their LaGuardia route now that they’re the only ones flying to New York?
A: that is very hard to answer. We are holding on to the only LGA route we have, and we are close to losing LaGuardia as a whole. We have also asked Delta if they could possibly switch their LGA service to JFK, since most people connect out of LGA.

Q: Could Manchester service an aircraft such as the 787 Dreamliner?
A: Yes, if we close a nearby gate temporarily for when the aircraft is at a gate, we can fit that airplane into the terminal. We can service airplanes up to the Boeing 747.

Q: Any new airlines in the horizon?
A: We could see Moxy Airlines come to Manchester. Since New Englanders love the drink Moxy, we could show them that we want them here as a new airline serving a new route.

Q: What will you do with the current Cellphone lot? It’s never in use.
A: We have thought about moving it to where UPS is, and move them to the not used Parking Lot F, where they could have more space to expand should Boston reach capacity.

Q: Could we possibly see anything other that the current A320 by Delta and 737-800 by Southwest? Maybe the A220?
A: It all depends on how many seats are filled. Delta has requested that we have a towbar for the Airbus 220, but they are using them down in Boston, when instead they could be using it in smaller communities like Manchester. The seating is Perfect for our airport for Atlanta and Detroit, so we could possibly see different equipment if they need them on a route to Manchester.

Q: United only has one route to Dulles. Is there a chance we could see more from them?
A: While we would love to have more service from UA, they want to make IAD work first before they could decide on a new route. I don’t think we’ll see United bring back O’Hare since American is starting that on June 7th. We have talked to them about service to Denver, at least 1x daily. We will just have to wait and see.

These are just some of the questions asked by the community. Our airport seems to be in good hands with our new airport director. Hopefully we’ll see some new things come to Manchester, NH.

If You have any questions, please let me know, and I’ll try and answer them the best I can :)


I am curious as to how they are calculating the one stop destinations. I mean it says 12 “hubs” but 184 one stop/non stop. So assuming no nonstops (not true obviously, but bear with me) that assumes each “hub” has just about 15 destinations… 🤔

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Maybe it’s due to the amount of Non-Stop flights offered by the airline, plus how many of those Non-Stop flights connect to other cities that aren’t served by airlines from MHT.

It’s surprising considering you can fly MHT-ATL-HNL In under 15 hours

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Great post and a very nice read :) I hope to see Manchester expand to the airport it’s destined to be in the future. ;)

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Thank you! It seems that it will become that way. The new Director wants the community to step up and fly locally instead of flying out of Logan.


I mean I guess, but let’s take IAD for example they’re website advertises 144 destinations, let’s say all 11 of you’re destinations overlap, they are still 133, and I’m sure if we do the same for PHL, ATL, ORD, you get the point…

I’m sure they have some logic behind that, but I feel like they could have taken the opertunity to say “over a thousand 1 stop destinations” since it would be true…

Sorry, but One Stop destinations only for one time connections under 90 minutes. Others are for More than two hours Connection. They’re more focused on connections that aren’t two hours or more (since people don’t want to be at the connecting airport very long).

Theoretically yes, we can fly anywhere we want, but most are two hour connections or connect to more than one airport

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Ok, then that makes sense…

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Do you have any other questions? I’ll happily answer them :)

None now, but I will say best of luck to you with you’re new director. A new director completely turned things around for us here in Pittsburgh…

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Thanks @KPIT,
I feel like our director is trying to turn things around for our airport. He’s been in talks with many airlines and are asking airlines to enhance service as well from MHT.

Let’s hope the new Moxy Airline decides to fly out of MHT. They’ve have A220’s on Order.

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Ya, things went well for us with our new director. By well I mean when she started our passenger numbers were still trickling down, just starting to bounce back, we had one transatlantic route with Delta to Paris on a 757, now a little over four years later we are in ou’re almost 40th month of conservative growth, have nearly double the destinations, and Condor 767 flights, and British Airways with their Dreamliner. Along with deals to sponsor charter flights to China in hopes of wooing an airline to start that up. Not to mention cargo, which went from the regular UPS and FedEx for the citie size, to Qatar Cargo, and several flights a day on both FedEx, and UPS. And about to start a massive terminal renovation. It is truly night and day…


Does MHT have or ever will have TSA pre check?


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@Sashaz55 MHT does indeed have TSA Pre-Check :)

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Ok thanks.

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