MHT Airport Spotting | Triple Spirit Airbuses!

Hello everyone!
Today, April 22, 2022, our airport received three NK Airbuses all within a 15-20 minute span from one another!

It is VERY rare to see something like this, as it’s more common with Southwest as they have a somewhat bigger operation than NK.
Recently, Spirit began MYR service, along with the extension on the RSW and TPA flights, and currently daily flights to FLL and weekly MCO, this meant a rare opportunity arose for today.

Originally, two NK jets were scheduled to land, but the RSW flight was delayed enough that Spirit had to utilize two gates that are deemed as Overflow, which made for a great spotting day!

Spirit has been very successful here in Manchester, NH, although two of the three flights arrived on time, all three departed an hour or so late, which is due to the fact MHT can only handle one NK flight at a time. Hopefully MHT will get more GSE as Spirit increases flights out of MHT.

Sadly once summer hits, only FLL, MCO, and MYR (Seasonal), will be scheduled, which means at most Spirit will use two gates at some point, as most flights can be handled through Gate 1.

All these pics were taken on an iPhone 13 Pro Max, edited in Adobe Lightroom.

An earlier NK flight before all three arrived into MHT. NK2008 MHT → MCO

Pushing back from Gate 1, On Time Departure

The first of three to come, NK2011 from Orlando

The second flight to come, NK2808 from Myrtle Beach. This flight was originally supposed to take Gate 3

Two Spirit Airbus Side to side

Lastly, NK2050 from Ft, Myers Arrives into MHT, a whopping 5 hours late.

All three flights at their gates.

After these flights arrived, they all departed about an hour later, all of them an hour or two late haha. I also took video, so I’ll be updating this post once the video is done uploading!


It looks like the old paint scheme was turning into one of the yellow ones

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Nice shots!

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It does lol.
Here’s the video of the event yesterday! It was really fun to see all of this happening live!

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