MHT Airport Diversion day | jetBlue E190 and United 757

Welcome to this special Spotting topic!

Today, we had a strong storm pass where I was working, and I got out safely. At work, winds began gusting at 35mph to 40mph, along with lot’s of Cloud to Ground lightning.

I looked at the Boston arrivals on my way home (Dad driving us home from work), and they had a ground stop due to Double Microbursts hitting BOS, with winds gusting up to 75mph. The airport was shut down for about an hour.

With that out of the way, I saw that Manchester had received two diversions. A jetBlue E190 (N354JB) operating as B6404 (JBU404) coming in from Atlanta, GA, and following B6 was a United Airlines Boeing 757-200 (N528UA) operating as UA2195 from San Fransisco.

Now, seeing a UPS or FedEx 757-200F at MHT is a common sight, but seeing a PAX 757 is the rarest sight ever at MHT. We don’t ever get a PAX 757, unless it’s a private 757, such as Air Force Two.

I went to the airport and managed to successfully catch both diversions departing back to Boston.

Here are some pictures from today

N702PS - CRJ900 operating as JIA5061 MHT -> CLT

N354JB - Embraer ERJ190 operating as B6404 MHT -> BOS (Diverted from ATL)

N63978 - Beech 99 operating as WIG543 MHT -> PWM

N518UA - Boeing 757-200 operating as UA2195 MHT -> BOS (Diverted in from SFO)

Bonus Pictures

N121UP - Airbus A300F operating as 5X2048 SDF - > MHT | Inoperative Landing Lights

N312DN - Airbus A321 operating as DL2792 PWM -> BOS (Diverted to PWM from ATL)

I hope you liked the pictures! let me know which one is your favorite :)


Very nice pictures. I love the United 757 shots. :)

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Thank you very much @Dylan_M :). I don’t think I’ll see another PAX 757 come in anytime soon, so this was something of a surprise to us spotters who spot at MHT.

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Definitely got lucky there. The weather here was absolutely crazy!

Nice shots. :)


Thanks @Nathan :).

I have a video of how intense the storm was when I was leaving work. As I said, it nearly knocked down the Perimeter fence.

I was very happy to see a 757-200 in Manchester, NH :) I also saw a LOT of airplanes flying over MHT heading to BOS.

Awesome 👍🏽😁

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I’ve been watching the flights on FlightRadar24, must’ve been a very busy situation for the controllers and pilots this afternoon. Nice pictures as always.


I agree with you 👍🏽👍🏽

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