#MH370 Two Years On

It’s Two Years and 1 Day since Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Dissapeared off Radar Screens over the Gulf of Thailand, carrying 239 People on board. And now, all this time later, we have no knowledge of what happened to the victims of the disaster, where the aircraft actually ended up and if the wreckage washing up on tropical shores is even related to the Boeing 777. #prayformh370 so that the families of the victims can have their loved ones back, or at least have closure.




Just where is it?

That my friend, is possibly the biggest mystery of the 21st Century

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Well, this is most probably not possible.


It probably is, aero planes don’t disappear, watch it in like 10-15 years time when we have silent, low power planes etc ( future stuff ) come back and kamakarzi into heathrow, or KLAX, filled with bombs, complete mayhem that would potentially destroy the prospect of quick and easy air travel.

That’s what I would say when my conspirisy theory side comes out, honestly, it’s probably been hijacked and landed somewhere, remember the incident on 4 chan?


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I know but if you have ever been in a situation like this, you never lose hope. My Aunty died onboard MH17 as a member of cabin crew, I know it’s a different situation but the feeling is the same


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The part the found in the shore was examined and was determined to be from a Boeing 777 like the one mh370 operated

My theory is America didn’t want the military grade micro chips heading to china to be mass produced. The CIA hijacked the aircraft and flew it to Diego Garcia Air Base, where the aircraft was scrapped. Certain parts where released into the sea and are now washing up.


RIP I’m sorry to hear.

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Agree with @AF330 , Sadly, it’s impossible to happen :( . Just Hoping that they’re rest in peace and be accepted on heaven


Thank you Mate

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#prayforMH370 RIP

They have found parts of the wreckage I believe three parts but I don’t think they will find any leads with it and have concluded that they will never know what happened as in the space of two years the parts could have come form the other side of the world and drifted

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But, they do have an imedient conclusion if they find a 777 reckage. It’s the only 777 in the world currently unaccounted for.

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Yeah they do. The parts found though shed no information though as to what happened so it must be very frustrating as they could have drifted quite a long way from the main wreckage

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