MH370 theories

it annoys me how one of the biggest passenger planes can just disappear im so desperate for this plane to be found because i really wanna know how it crashed and what happened, but the flight recorders are probably busted now…


I see my post is sort of offensive in an emotional way i dont mean to be offensive i just want to know peoples theories
May God bless the passengers of this flight.

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Pieces are being found. Slowly. We’ll get to know the truth eventually.


Like 20years later… By 2030 if not found the plane would be so rusted they wont be able to identify if its a plane or not


Well, considering that a disappearance like this happened before, I’m going off the fact that it crashed just like Air France 447

I can’t see this going anywhere good…

Plane ran out of fuel and crashed into the ocean. Simple


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Goodness me, if you’re that high to know about the theories watch Air Crash Investigations S14E11 “What Happened to flight MH370” :/

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It doesn’t have to be a lack of fuel. We could have another version of Germanwings on our hands for all I know.


I watched Mayday S14 E11 and I think it was completely suicide and depression.

Flight recorders could possibly be intact. AF447 was found two years later and they were able to recover them both.


Well, these parts are definitely from MH370:
Rolls Royce Engine Casing (on Malaysia Airlines’ B777 fleet)

Honeycomb Composite (inside Boeing 777 wing)

Flaperon Part (on Boeing 777’s)
No Step Boeing 777 Wing Part (printed on Malaysia Airlines’ Boeing 777’s)
As said above, it crashed due to fuel exhaustion. But there are still so many questions that everyone needs answered. Let’s hope it gets found soon :-( RIP all passengers, crew and pilots


This is a sensitive topic, and I think we should keep our theories out of the forum in general. ourselves to stop an argument (Not saying we’ll end up arguing, saying we might). If you want to have a civil discussion, maybe PM the person who’s asking.

Maybe this should be closed?


Yeah, unfortunately opinions always cause arguments (like what might happen by just asking for a topic to be closed). We should keep this sort of sensitive stuff away from the community. @Embraer190 please view.

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These should be our only theories at the moment anyway!
Also @Boeing707 and @Captain_DJ you are both right like @B767fan, this topic shouldn’t be on the community. Maybe a new guideline would help for topics like this?


Topics that become too controversial will be closed by a moderator/get flagged to the attention of one.

Yes, so a new guideline would help for topics like this. I think we do need a mod here at this point in time.

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I think there should be and I’m sure other people agree. Sensitive topics should be passed through mods before it can be posted.

All I will say is that if the “official” search finds nothing, I would not be surprised if there was a large bounty put up for private companies / universities etc to find it.

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No one knows what happened on the flight! It annoys everyone in the world that the cause couldn’t be found out!