MH370 search to end in June

The search for MH370 the aircraft that went missing in the Indian Ocean (Presumed) well end this June, the search already ended, and then was restated with the help of a private company a few month back, now they have entered “Phase 2” of the search. They say that if nothing is found by some time in June the search will be over for what will likely be good. All 239 passengers on board the Boeing 777-200ER registration 9M-MRO which never contacted controllers in Ho Chi Min City, before disappearing off radar, and becoming one of the greatest aviation mysteries ever, are presumed dead. Now obviously the search can’t continue on indefinitely, and the initial search aeria could fit some 2 million 777-200ER aircraft was enormous so I understand why this aircraft will likely never be found, but it is still frustrating for the families of the passengers, and us aviation nerds never knowing what happened, right now there is little solid evidence of what happened, the biggest “fact” we know now is that the aircraft probably did not “land” on the water such as U.S. Airways 1549, but was probably at more of a dive. Though let’s all hope something is turned up in the next three months or so as it would be such a shame to not know what happened. The first time I heard about this from my dad after a swim lesson I rember in a way that is atrangely clear considering how little I thought of it then, if only I knew…


A true mystery… sadly I don’t thInk it will ever be solved.


Maybe this should be posted here

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Well it is kinda separate, this is a separate news story, now the search is coming to an end, not starting again, but no need to argue🙃


No arguing going on here mate ;)
It’s not a separate news story considering it is exactly the same search you are talking about.


It’s very sad what happened. I hope they can find an answer to the mystery. It could make a good ACI episode.


One day. One day, we will find the plane. We need to.(I really am dying to know what happened)


Would be the best one ever.

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Can some one enlighten me on what ACI is?

It stands for Air Crash Investigation. It’s a TV show, you can find episodes on YouTube.

Oh I know that show, acronyms always throw me for a good loop

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There is an ACI episode, it just doesn’t explain the cause; it explains multiple possible causes.


Wow it’s just scary not knowing what happened that day. So many reports and theories no one will probably ever know 😢

The investigation has been sadly inconclusive which is really devastating for the families of those on board the flight. However, I remain suspicious of a dive as I believe many more small plane shards would be on the sea, days, weeks after the crash. But that’s my opinion, and I’m not a specialist in air crash investigations and I hope they can find the plane so the families can be given answers and to relieve their grieving.

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One of my uncles was aboard MH370 going to work in Beijing. My family is over it now but it is still sad not knowing what happened to the plane.


Wow, that is terrible, hope you find out some day to give it some closure.

Well as of yesterday it has ended, very sad we may never know what happened… :(

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