MH370 Memorial Flight @ WMKK - 080300ZMAR20

In loving memory of MH370

Aircraft: Malaysian Airlines B777

Route: Kuala Lumpur to Beijing PEK

Time of Departure: 0300Z

Server: Casual Server

Copy my flight plan. Please spawn in for 1 Minute Silence for the loss of MH370 5 mins before departure time. Today marks 6 years since the plane disappeared.

“MH370 maybe lost but never forgotten”
💐 💐 💐


Very nice group flight. I can’t join as it’s too late in my timezone. Sorry.


That’s all good @ButterAllDay

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So, this is in 1.5 hours, right?

For that long of a flight, I’m afraid I can’t make it.

I can most likely be there to takeoff and remember MH370 though.

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Yeah that’s right @anon38496261 it’s ok if you can’t make it

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I’ll try my best :)

Wrong parentheses the first time 😅

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That’s ok, don’t feel like you are forced to come, it is totally up to you

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The time has been delayed by 1 hour for more time

I will be there

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Ok we are ready to takeoff, just copy my flight plan

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