MH370 Documentary (May 2018), "MH370 - The Situation Room" [60 Minutes Australia]

Below is the new documentary released by 60 Minutes Australia which was aired today, following the successful series of MH370 investigations produced by 60 Minutes in 2016.

“What happened to MH370? On a special edition of 60 MINUTES, Tara Brown investigates what is now the world’s most confounding aviation disaster. What happened to the Boeing 777 airliner carrying 239 passengers and crew that vanished on March 8, 2014?”

I would highly recommend watching, it really speaks for itself:

Old investigation from 2016 can be found here

Feel free to comment below about the documentary itself, or any theories you have on the unfortunate disappearance of MH370.

DISCLAIMER: I hold no credit for any information shared in the above video. They are obviously not direct representations of my views.


This beats me. I don’t think anybody can come up with a 100% logical theory.

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I don’t really like documentaries. I’m not a fan of them

Cool for ya

I learn a lot of fun fact from them, for example, did you know that some aircraft (Airbuses too if I’m right) can taxi alone in case of 0 visibility?
According to “The Daily Star” (Not exactly a reputable source), the mystery has been solved by the guys in this video.

They also managed to misspell “say” 😂

All I want is for them to find it

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@anon31652286 this documentary is false and filled with lies and fear mongering

@DiamondGaming4 don’t bring that up as the person who claimed to find it used pictures from 2009 which are also nowhere near where MH370 went down. And it’s from the Daily Star. A website that reports on celebrities going to the beach instead of reporting on Cyclones forming outside their viewer placement.

“Knowledge that mh370 continued flying for 7 hrs was buried in a log file no one outside of Inmarsat had access to. Until Inmarsat told Malaysia via AAIB, MAS Engineers had no way to know anything about that data. The documentary was bought and paid for by BN to rewrite history.” - Mike Exner

It was at least 4 days later before the existence & significance of the GES logs were communicated through UK-AAIB to Malaysia. That is, Tue 11 Mar. The document also omitted to discuss the critical comments in ICAO SAR Revie.

The previous documentary stated that the plane had it’s flaps deployed, complete lies. The damage was caused by a high speed dive which is what happens when a plane runs out of fuel after flying for 7 hours.

I say it again, I highly recommend no one watch this or 60 minutes previous documentary as it is falsified.

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Calm down dude its not like you know everything about what happened with MH370


But I know a lot more than these fake reports know, I’ve been hoping no one would bring this documentary up as people are going to get false opinions based on lies.

How are you supposed to say that you know more then people that do that as a job

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I respect your opinion, despite the fact that I believe it is wrong, for one simple reason -:

The people that appeared on the TV show “60 Minutes” are highly respected and known individuals in the aviation industry. It would be disastrous for them if they were exposed that they simply read from a script - their reputations would be ruined. I doubt that these individuals would make this kind of sacrifice just to get a paycheck.


I’m not trusting someone who said a flap was armed for landing when it is reported by the experts that it was retracted

I disagree… individuals featured on the show are experts! Experts do not have to agree with each other - some have different viewpoints than others. You can interpret a piece of evidence in many different ways which leads to a differentiation of opinions.

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Yes but you can’t dispute fact. These fake journalists claim that a flap that was undeniably in the up position, was armed for landing. And they claim the damage done was due to a water landing which it was not. Please stop sucking up to them as they have no idea what they’re talking about as they do not have the flaperon.

All I hear you say is that it was “proved”.

Why not? Where is the evidence? Link me to this concrete proof you talk about and I’ll withdraw my comments immediately.

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This topic is going to turn into a arguement I’m calling it

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And hopefully gets closed because misinformation is going everywhere.


It came off during a mid air break up or when it hit the water with lots of force


No one here is arguing. We are having a civilized debate.

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Okay - I can interpret your evidence in a different way.

This part of the aircraft is hollow, meaning that if it struck the ground at supersonic speed, water would most likely break the outer layer of the flaperon, flood into it, and the from the hydraulic pressure of the water, the whole flaperon would explode into thousands of pieces. This is not the case in this picture.

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Can you tell me why it’s not in the flaps down position required to make a water landing?