MH370 | Crash Site Possibly Found

With 2020 in a disaster, we at least have a couple good things to hear. Searchers for the MH370 aircraft have potentially found the crash site 2700 miles south of Indonesia. The coordinations are S34.2342 E93.7875 (You can paste in Google Earth)

The point in which is given above is not the exact area but rather only 100nm at most around that area.

It seems as the pilots took a turn south and way down before running out of fuel. According to the experts, there may have been a malfunction with the aircraft making all passengers and crew members on board deprived from oxygen before flying a straight line on Autopilot before the aircraft ran out of fuel. This claim was made because of the amount of fuel was calculated before flight leading the estimated fuel run-out area was right where the experts believed search area. The other claim is that the pilots wanted to crash the aircraft in an area where wreckage could not be found, although this is unlikely. But I will not speculate.

The experts who found the crash site have called for the search to continue. This area in the South Indian Ocean is very tough to find anything due to it being on the Antarctic Plate boundary being 23000ft deep. Almost double the depth of the Titanic’s wreckage. Another factor is ocean drift currents. 2 major drift currents are right where the believed crash site area is. Many debris of MH370 had been found on the coast of Western Australia, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar.

Please do not speculate or joke about what happened, it is disrespectful to the families of MH370’s passengers and crew.

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wait what


A bittersweet finding, will definitely be interesting to hear the rest of the investigation. My thoughts and prayers go out to all whom are affected.

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6 years later wow Glad to hear that that it has been found


This is great news!




Yea, indeed! If we can manage to find the aircraft and blackbox, it will solve aviation’s greatest mystery. 6 years of no luck and we finally found the area where the aircraft crashed at.


Wow. That’s some surprising news. Been so long since it happened. One of the most mysterious aviation incidents.


This amazing news for the aviation community, but most importantly it is amazing news for the loved ones of the victims of the crash.


The crash site seems also to be closer to the west coast of Australia then Indonesia.


6 years ago, MH370 went down with 227 passengers and 12 crew on board. 6 years ago, MH370 was lost to the vast ocean. 6 years of silence for those who lost friends and family on the night of March 8th, 2014. Now, we have proof that leads to a location where the 777 could have crashed

It is bittersweet to hear this news. On one hand, we have found a promising location. But on another hand, we are reminded of the great loss that took place in the same area.

Even though we have found a likely crash site, the search continues for MH370, and the search continues for closure for those that lost loved ones that fateful night.


It doesn’t seem the crash site has been actually found has it? Just calculated.

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The crash site is said to be within 100 nautical miles of the coordinates above.


Yes, we’ve found a very good approximate area of where it is.

It’s great news, the search area being the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, and Andaman Sea are now just less then 100 nautical miles.


But isn’t it a “possible” location? Or are they sure it’s within 100nm of those coordinates?


Can’t find anything :/

There are multiple published news articles about MH370’s crash site. I just searched it up and it seems like they really found it.


Even that. If it were 300nm that they’d need to expand too. Its not a lot at all.

What they had to search versus the affirmative area


This is very good. Learning from a mystery is a great benefit to your future knowledge. The aviation industry could learn from this, and they could improve more than ever.


What website/app is that? To find areas