#MH2718 skidded off runway during landing

(Not my words) ALERT Malaysia Airlines #MH2718 skidded off runway during landing, passengers evacuated via slide rafts



Another incident with Malaysian Airlines. What do you think about this?


Well yet Malaysian Airlines again…


This accident actually reminds me of Garuda Indonesia plane when Skidded off in Yogyakarta several months ago

I believe Weather Factor contributes to this incident. I think we shouldnt doubt Malaysia Airlines’ pilot quality as they had a good safety record before 😉.

From the article, it said that a heavy rain was happening at that time in Sibu. Borneo Airports sometimes have risky approach during rain due to their unique terrain (in both Indonesia and Malaysia side). At least all passengers were safe.

Please dont doubt Malaysia Airlines’ safety. I meant other airlines can also skid off too right?


Delta and Malaysian should enter a drag race competition.


Oh no! I hope they can repair the plane, they are still a great airline. I’m sure they didn’t mean for this to happen. How unfortunate for them.


Seriously, another MH incident? Well at least he’s at the airport Unlike Delta who’s pilots land 50+ km at the wrong airport. Probably the weather.


To be fair to Malaysian airlines, the last crash was 1-2 years ago. Still, not very good at all, and 1-2 years is a long time.


Yeah lol good luck with that


Well the 747 from Qantas Flight 1 was repaired.


I believe it can be fixed like the other Garuda which suffered the same fate in Yogyakarta several months ago. Although it can be scrapped like a Thai Airways A333 which skidded off at Bangkok


And VH-OQA was repaired after an engine explosion and major wing components destroyed.

But yeh this is not a good thing for Malaysia airlines even though their 2 big incidents were not issues with the plane but more pilots and the flight paths

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The incidents are very similar indeed! Check out these detailed reports if you want to know more!

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Hope they all ok :) the airline is a good one just needs a rework

Dont forget TC-JOC which got scrapped in situ after suffering the same at Nepal. Hope they can fix this…

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Wow that sucks…Pilots obviously did something wrong…

Good lord, another one?!

[Spoiler]Fly Malaysian, the airline with the most chance of having an incident.[/Spoiler]
That looks bad. MH is having lots of accidents.

Yeah, having only 1 incident after 2014 is a lot.

Yeah, it is unfortunate when this happens, and it does seem to happen to some more than others. I’m just glad it didn’t end with a tragedy. That being said, it had to be one intense ride.

Well at least no one is everyone survived! MH370 was deliberate (pilot suicide), MH17 was a mistake made by MH (unfortunately they did not change their route around Ukraine) and this one would have been another pilot error. What I’m seeing here is they need to train their pilots better.

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