MH A380 loses a wheel on landing at WMKK

Hi there, im from Malaysia and i find these comments a bit offensive… The A380 hasn’t been washed for a reason. A350s will replace the A380 and the A380 will be used for transporting Hajj pilgrimage passengers. Malaysia Airlines is trying to show the world that they can stand up and be the best. But people keep bringing it down.


I feel the same. From Malaysia as well.


Yeah, looking at that photo, the coat looks horrible, soo dirty

That is one dirty plane. I’ve never seen a dirty A380 before. Does Malaysia Airlines provide maintenance for them A380s?

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i’m from malaysia … i disagree to all of you … for me this not a big issue … they have period time to washed planes … not every week the planes washed… this plane maybe more often use to fly … so do not worry about this … malaysia airlines maintenance one of best among other airlines…before mh370 and mh17 incident, malaysia airlines among top 10 best airlines in the world…their have good service and good maintenance…even they are more good compared most america airlines…right now malaysia airlines try the best to save their operation…their need to cut off some budget…for your information to…next year malaysia airlines set operate new aircraft and open new route to other europe country and some destinations in the United States…doing some research before you talk…


Thats one of the cleanest planes I’ve ever seen. So shiny :O


“We wash the exterior of our aircraft every fifty days, and that schedule is the same regardless of fleet type,” United Airlines.
so what you guys expect?


Malaysia should probably just retire some of the A380s. After all, it is expensive to get new parts, have the plane washed, pay for the fuel, and pay for the A380 itself. Maybe they should replace the A380 with Boeing 787s. It is less expensive and it uses less fuel too, but it carries less passengers. But there will be some good and bad things about all planes :-)

No wonder the wheel fell off! The plane is in disrepair. Malaysia Air needs to get their airline in better shape.

Guys, stop arguing about the cleanliness of the plane - that’s going slightly off topic and it seems some people regard it as offensive. Just stick to talking about what actually happened if you don’t want this closed!

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they no retired the a380…they will use for pilgrimage only…new aircraft will replacing a380 is 787 dremliners for long haul operation…Malaysia airline also purchase new version of 737-max…

Malaysia airlines also purchase this new aircraft A350 with new livery…this will delivered on december…in coming year we have brand new aircraft A350, B787 and new B737-max


Hmm that plane needs some cleaning. And quite obviously some maintenance now. The pilot must’ve come out of the flare way too hard, otherwise loose nuts and bolts would probably be to blame. Lucky the whole gear didn’t fall off 😁

The A380 looks horrible. They should wash it

Does anyone has the link to an article about this incident? I can’t find a single article, already searched news related to airline, A380, and airport and no luck. Even checked Aviation Herald. 🤔

Malaysia Airlines isn’t that bad. Flew with them from Taipei to Kota Kinabalu and back in February. Though we had technical issues before flying back to Taipei, it was handled properly and only did we depart once the issue was completely fixed.

As of now this is the only source. It’s not the most reliable, but the picture backs it up.

I’ll update this with more news articles as I find them.

Picture only backs up that it hasnt been washed for a while. No evidance of a tyre missing.

Except there is only one wheel on the nose caddy…



I tried to find more extreme angles of the nose gear, and in both pictures you can clearly see both wheels. However, if you were to compare with the image above…

You can see how there is only 1 wheel on the front.