MH A380 loses a wheel on landing at WMKK

A Malaysian Airlines A380 registered 9M-MNB has lost one of its nose wheels on landing. Luckily no one on board was injured as the aircraft managed to come to a stop without any problems.

MH don’t seem to be able to fly for extended periods of time without ending up with something newsworthy do they? Not to mention how clean the plane is for a flag carrier…

EDIT: on phone, didn’t realise it uploaded twice!


Oh come on! 2 bad combinations. The a380 is just falling apart


Look at the aircraft, it looks like its falling apart! I wouldn’t fly on malaysian even if you payed me to do so…


Wow I am in shock. How did it collapse? What did you think?

Malaysia just isn’t the kind of airline you would want to fly on, and give that plane a Plane wash!


wow it is dirty, it lookss like the windows are eyes and each one is ugly crying

geez malaysian airlines, REALLY?


I’m happy to fly on almost any aircraft. I even wouldn’t mind flying on that dirty A380. but the history with Malaysian Airlines? How do they keep in business? With all of these airlines failing and falling to bankruptcy, you’d think MLA would be leading the way.

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What history are you guys referring to? It’s not like it was their fault. Keep it on topic…


That poor A380 looks like it’s been treated awful



Wow, was this the pilots fault for landing hard or was this just bad maintenance


This doesn’t make the A380 a bad plane just because the wheel and engine coiling have fallen off in recent weeks but the A380 aircraft effiency is very bad

poor maintenance maybe? doesn’t look very clean either!


Ever heard of soap and a sponge?
Airbus A380s can’t even land on dirt runways anyway. What could possibly occur to make that thing such an eyesore?

That airline’s safety record, even though most of it was not pilot error, has taken a hit in the past couple of years. Yikes!

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Poor a380. Have Malaysia Airlines been a bully to you? Not keeping you clean and well kept?




A very scarybus A380 we have here.

Just a joke lol

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Looks like it needs serious repairs, not only the wheel but everything, it’s falling apart!

Something wasn’t screwed in properly because only one came off. Weird. Maybe a little touch of magic.

Oof that’s a dirty plane…


Don’t make assumptions that a dirty plane reflect on the kind of maintenance an airline does. The only real benefit is to reduce drag and to improve aesthetics. Washing planes isn’t cheap or easy, until we know the reason for the malfunction I wouldn’t claim Malaysian Airlines abuse their aircraft or don’t maintain them properly.


Poor Big fat joe :( Such a dirty A380 too

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