MFI Controller for iPad

unfortunately I found nothing detailed about using mifi controllers with IF.
Is there somebody around using such a device? And what is your experience?
The Gamevice have IF on their compability list, detail

I am not quite sure what a mifi controller is.

That’s a pretty cool find. Not too sure if it’s compatible. How would it control Infinite Flight? Bluetooth or something?

Controllers / Joysticks directly connected to the iPhone or iPad.
Wikipedia about MFi
The link to Gamevice is a prominent example for what I mean.

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That’s very cool. So if it plugs in through the lightning connector, Infinite Flight should recognise it. And if it’s on their compatibility list, it’s definitely something to try.

Really defeats the point of IF. IF is set up to mimic actually being the cockpit. Using that wwould make it less of a simulator and more of an arcade game.


It is compatible. It is on that website

No doubt about the statement of the manufacturer.
The question is if someone has experience with this or a similar device.

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I tried to set up with my Nimbus, but it was pretty difficult to do so 😕

To be honest, it’s a lot better to fly using the accelerometer. When I finally connected to my Mfi controller, it wasn’t that great.

I guess flight games don’t really work well with Mfi controllers - lots of games are a lot of fun with them though! 🙂


I think that little “mushroom” is too sensitive to be a yoke . I have tried using my Xbox gamepad to play IF but the result is not better than the phone’s accelerometer .


How have you guys with controllers managed to set the throttle? I just picked up a Nimbus Steelseries and I’d like to use it for IF, but the throttle is only usable on an analog input and will stick at 50% when the stick or button is released, which isn’t ideal.

I use the shoulder buttons.

I think the Nimbus is great for other games, but for a flying game it’s not great - tilt is much better I find.

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