MFGZ Crossair Livery - Cessna C172

Even 17 years after the airline was transformed into SWISS International Airlines, the name “Crossair” is still familiar to many. It was such a great airline offering flights from Switzerland to all over Europe using SAAB 2000 and SAAB 340 as well as MD-83s or Avro RJs.

Crossair’s trademark rights were then transferred to SWISS, which then became a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa.

In 2009, however, the rights were acquired. To ensure that the brand remains protected, a Cessna 172 with the Crossair logo has been flying in Switzerland since 2011.

This aircraft is the subject of today’s request following the announcement of the rework of the C172.

The mentioned aircraft flies for the Motorfluggruppe Zürich, a flight school and an aviation club based at Zurich Airport. It’s a little piece of Swiss aviation history and it would be a great addition to the C172 fleet.

Image Source:, 28.08.2019

That is such a cool livery!

I would love to see it added:)

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This would be awesome to see with the new C172 update, take my vote!

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Thanks for the support. It would be a great addition indeed. There’s a lot of history behind that livery.

We also got a Piper Archer flying around Switzerland with a Swissair livery, all in order to keep the brand protected. It’s a little piece of history that is left to keep the two great names of Swiss aviation, Swissair and Crossair, alive.

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Iv voted for it it’s a good livery for trainig

This is a great livery! I think we need more awesome liveries like this one in our ga fleet. Unfortunately I don’t have any votes left, but I’ll review mine and see if there’s one I’d like to remove in favor of this 😉

I’m going to drop a vote for this. I’ve seen this exactly aircraft take off and land at Zürich multiple times and I would love to fly this in Infinite Flight. HB- forever :)

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Just came across this! I’d love to be able to take off from LSZH in this :)

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