Mexico to dubai emirates b777

I flew the Emirates Boeing 777-200(LR) from Mexico City to Dubai. This is one of my favourite flights because you depart with a heavy loaded aircraft out of an airport with a high elevation, and it’s an ultra long haul. The cruise speed was mach 0.84 and the flight time was around fifteen hours long. When we departed out of Mexico, there was another Boeing 777 that was following me to Dubai but he quit somewhere above the Gulf of Mexico. Normally Emirates operates this route but that one has a stop over at Barcelona El Prat airport.

Information about this flight;

   • Server: expert server 
   • Aircraft: Boeing 777-200(LR) 
   • Livery: Emirates airlines 
   • Route: MMMX-OMDB
   • Callsign: Emirates 777 heavy 
   • Altitude: fl330 - fl350 - fl370 - fl390 - fl410 
   • Speed: mach 0.84 
   • Flight time: 15 hours and 17 minutes 

At a foggy Mexico City.

Lining up.

Blasting out of Mexico City.

The coast of Mexico.

Flying above Chesapeake Bay.

Sunset above the Atlantic Ocean.

Sunrise above the Black Sea.

Above Iraq.


Boeing 777 and Airbus A380, one of the nicest aircrafts in my opinion.

Tomorrow I’ll post a screenshots and videos topic about a flight from Auckland to Paris in the Air France a350-900!

Feedback is welcome as always!


Looks good. With the 3d stuff it looks super realistic. Good job.

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My favorite pic! Great snaps!
Hope your landing was smooth!

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Thanks! The landing was smooth.

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Piloting a Boeing 777-200LR just rightly to flying back to UAE. Thank you for making a screenshots posts!

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No problem!

Without a doubt my favorite, well done!

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Thank you! Saw you flying to KSLC a couple of hours ago.

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