Mexico Inaugurates Felipe Angeles Intl Airport!

Today, the Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador opens one of his emblematic projects: AIFA (ICAO: NLU, IATA: MSMM), after aprox. 3 years of constructions. Very far from MMMX though. The objective for this is to “help” MEX with the sarturation problems.

The airport is also not completed at all. Just needs some aplification before it gets completed for real. However, there is plenty of gates and parking spots, one of the hundred reasons why is getting opened today.

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Before the ceremony at 2022-03-21T17:00:00Z, an E190 operated by Aeromexico Connect made NLU’s first commercial depature at 6:00 a.m. local time, en route to Villahermosa. And at aprox. 10:00 a.m, Volaris brought it’s A320neo from Tijuana.

The ceremony was filled with around a thousand and 400 people, including the press, and many (current) president’s supporters also assisted to the ceremony. Chanting, protesting, all in favour, which I find it annoying, as the politics are now in everywhere in Mexico. Today’s opening was also marked by many other problems.

A very controversial airport by a controversial president, but I’m curious to see what this airport can reach in the future. In other words, for aviation it looks good, but for politics, meh.

What do we know now?

  • The first depature was Aeromexico Connect 890 to Villahermosa

  • The first arrival was Volaris 1011 from Tijuana.

  • The first International Flight was Conviasa 3726, from Caracas, Venezuela.

  • Today is expected 20 operations between depatures and landings.

  • In the second semester of 2022, the airport is expected to start more International flights from the US.

  • Delta and Copa will also start operations in the second semester of 2022. Info from: This article in spanish

I’ll leave the depatures table for March 21st, taken from Milenio Noticias.

Info being tracked on: (is in spanish)

Here is an interesting article if case you want to read it:

What do you guys think about this?


Is it on flight radar?

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Yes it is!

3 flights are inbound now.


I’m curious if there will be any flights from JFK to this new amazing airport.

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I hope so. The problem is that the FAA doesn’t want to upgrade Mexico’s safety rating to 1 again. (Will be discussed in June)

This should help tho:

I found it! Doesn’t have the runway lengths yet

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How does it already have 3.4 Stars


Only 3 urers rated it. I don’t really know, but it’s probably the passengers or the press who rated it already. Two flights already operated there.

But hey, some things are being rated too



That’s a fair question! Hahahah


Volaris just made it’s first landing from Tijuana. Video is on this tweet below:

It is actually not too unlikely! Delta is reportedly in talks over slots and since it is a major carrier at JFK I wouldn’t be surprised if this route would take off soon.


Well, you are not wrong.

Delta and Copa will start operations in the second half of 2022!

The first international flight, Conviasa 3726, is expected to arrive in an hour, with the airport now officially open. It will also be the first heavy the new airport recieves.

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Not to get political but as someone who lives in Mexico city im a bit disgusted with this airport

There are only 7 flights out of the airport and 6 are domestic the other is an international flight by conviasa to Caracas

I feel the same too, and I totally understand your point. I prefer 100 times more MEX. But I’m actually curious to see how this will work in the future. So I’m not disgusted at all.

I heavily doubt flights from Europe will happen, I feel that the airport will turn out like Toluca airport

Yeah I‘ve also been very curious about it but it just makes me mad especially with the canceled airport that was supposed to replace MEX, I will always want it to fail the controversy and corruption that surrounds it is insane but I wont talk about it further here on the IFC

I can see on satellite maps that construction on a new airport was happening in an area to the northeast of MMMX. Was that project abandoned in favor of this one?

Yes it was. It was for political reasons mainly. The main reason of it’s cancellation: corruption.