Mexico Helicopter Crash kills 14 earthquake survivors

In Mexico, a military helicopter crashed in the southern state of Oaxaca Friday, killing 14 residents who had been displaced by an earthquake. The helicopter was carrying government officials surveying the earthquake damage at the time of the crash. Among the dead were at least three children. This crash takes place days after the deadly earthquake that hit Central Mexico.

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2016 only GA Aircraft
2017 only GA Aircraft
2018 4 crashes in the first two month’s

RIP all people please God is with you.


That looks like a horrible crash :( RIP to everyone, 2018 please get better for aviation !


Think again.

Anyway, Rest In Peace to the souls that were lost in this crash!

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Oh that’s terrible, surviving an earthquake, to pass away in an helicopter accident
And my heart rests with the family’s and the victims of this tragic accident

Ew. Wikipedia.

In all seriousness, thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims. It’s horrible to think you’re out of danger, and then die whilst running from it. May they Rest In Peace.

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Has anyone seen the movie “Final Destination”? News like this reminds me of the concept that movie was built on…that death does follow you when your time has come! Terrible to think.

RIP to all the departed souls and may God give strength to their families to bear their loss…

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The no crashes in 2016/17 does not include helicopter or propeller planes.

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