Mexico: "Ghost" in an empty airplane

Hello everyone, in October 2018 or in November 2016 (read the second link for 2016), in Mexico, a security man of the airport see a strange phenomena in a plane.👻
(Don’t click on the link if you was scary of ghost and play a music when you watch the video).😀


Can’t the security personell turn on the cabin lights? 🤭


Why is he alone on the aircraft without lights??

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Because he had the flashlight™. Also as a patrolman, his job would be to look for intruders in the plane after everyone has deboarded. Also the OP says the aircraft was “abandoned”, but in the source it only said “empty plane”. So is the aircraft at an airport but at the moment it’s not being used, or is it going to be scrapped?

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Another link:

The pilot wasn’t following instructions so ATC ghosted the plane…I would like to know what really happened though


Best comment.😂


Also is there any info on what aircraft this took place? It’s a single aisle, so likely an Aeromexico 737/ Volaris A320?

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The aircraft name is not mentioned.

Oh no it’s just Andy the friendly mechanic ghost. He is looking for any hidden faults invisible to the naked eye. He will further investigate that galley door the person opened.


Why are there so many ghosts in Mexico’s airports ?
In 2015, a staff of the airport see a child ghost in an abandoned airplane.👻


And you, If you say a ghost in an airplane, airport, what do you do ?

I modified the title to “empty”.

I’ve seen this case before. Allegedly there’s a ghost of a child haunting several areas at Mexico City’s Benito Juárez Intl Airport.


There is a best solution to avoid this ghost.

Don’t go to Mexico City’s airport at night.

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In the second link it’s says it was in 2016

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Strange, the article says “published on the first of November 2018”.

If it was in 2016, I will modify the title.

Interesting I went looking in the second article I read his story and it said it happened in 2016

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This post is off season, post it in October lol