Mexico City to São Paulo

This is the B777-200F, my favorite aircraft. This is my second long haul flight on Infinite Flight, and being able to see the Amazon was just priceless!

Route: MMMX🇲🇽 - SBGR🇧🇷
Server: Casual
Flight Time: 09:28



Looks like you forgot the photos!

Silly meXD

Please make sure that the names of the airports are not visible, as it violates the rules of the #screenshots-and-videos category 👍

Edit: You keep changing the photos.

Regardless my friend rules are rules… As @anon24319801 has said… No hud, systems, airport names, all that can be on your screen. Only your plane and the scenery and other planes if you’re at a busy airport but have the airplane names and all that off… Thus using replay mode and it’ll get rid of everything 👍

I think this should be better :))

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Nice pics, but technically that’s a medium haul. Long hauls are 12+ hours.

Haha, in my book medium haul is long haul 🤣😌

Techinically 12+ is ULH?

Sure, I guess.

The way I see it (just my personal judgement)
Short Haul: 1-2hrs (under 1200nm)
Medium Haul: 2-6hrs(under 3500nm)
Long Haul: 6-12hrs(under 5500nm)
Ultra Long Haul: 12+hrs(over 5500nm)