Mexico City: Aeromexico to move some flights to Terminal 1

And here comes the realism police ;)

Aeromexico to Partially move to T1

You guessed it. Starting this December 11st, Mexico’s flag carrier airline, Aeromexico, will move a few flights to Terminal 1 on Benito Juarez Intl (MMMX), after being absent for more than a decade, and using only the T2. They will still operate in Terminal 2, however, they will move up to 9 flights to the T1, with initially 20 daily routes. This is part of the expansion for the airline after the pandemic, and as a plan for more mobility through the airport.

The destinations they are moving are: Campeche, Durango, Los Mochis, Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa, Tampico, Zacatecas and Zihuatanejo. All national flights.

Aaron Murray, the CCO, said: Having operations in both terminals at Mexico City International Airport will allow us to offer our customers more flight options and cutting-edge service. This announcement is just the beginning of our expansion to further our strategy of enhancing our leading position in Mexico City. We want to thank the AICM for all their support and we will continue to work closely to secure a smooth expansion of our operations . (Traduced from Spanish of course)

In my opinion, Im super glad that Aeromexico is getting better, and decided to “Travel to the past”. I think this will increase the operations, and leave some room in T2 for other airlines or new flights.


Picture and Spanish News

Here’s in English just in case:

So, what do you guys think? :)


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