Mexicana B757-200 (N101LF)

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The beautiful Boeing 757-200 is having a full rework, it has tons of beautiful liveries and I think this would be a really nice addition to the Mexicana fleet, give this livery an opportunity to be on the sim, it’s a really nice livery😁

History of the 757

History of Mexicana

Mexicana used their B757s for more than 10 years until the airline broke up in 2014, leaving hundreds of pilots and crew members without work, in their time mexicana was and stills be considered the most important airline in Mexico and one of the oldest in the world being the 4th place, this livery and aircraft make really important flights for Mexico with hundreds of routes, I think it would be a great gift for Mexican users and it would let the mexicana fleet grow up, we could make new events with retro liveries including this one ☝️, it could be awesome if they add them to the sim. #features

Livery image


With this livery we’ll be able to make new a amazing flights between Mexico and more countries, mexicana fleet in IF hasn’t been updated, in the sim they only have the A318 and 717 & crj-200, the 757-200 would be a nice addition to it :)

What do u think?👀

This livery should be included, it’s a really nice one, help me guys please 🙏


This livery would be amazing in the simulator! If needed I can provide the design mesh to the painters for them to add it and make their job easier :)

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Just look at that beauty😍


woah I would love to see this

Bueno bueno! This would be an absolutely lovely addition to fly down south and would look great alongside the Aeroméxico 757!

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I have to agree with you about that :)

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