Mexicana Airbus A330-200


not a fan about the airline
but it looks great on the a330

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Great livery! Sadly they are not operative anymore😪


Wow! Nice request @CopaAirlines !

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Amazing livery! If only it was still active…

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What a beauty

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Like it overall but don’t like the cockpit colours.

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Hope to see this livery in an A330/40 update!

I like it, especially the front (nose). Sadly, this airline is out of servise.

What a beauty livery, i swear A330 need to rework sooner than later. Good request BrunoC👍😍

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Do they still operate?

Nope, cease to exist in 2010.

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Like the livery!


@Brandon_K yes it is a beautiful livery , I hope that they introduce this livery