Mexicana A330 livery

Mexicana A330’s livery is one of the most beautiful liveries on this type of aircraft.

I’d love to see it in Infinite Flight because it represents Mexican aviation history, since it was one of the oldest airlines in the world before its bankruptcy. And now, with one little opportunity of getting back into the skies it’d mean a lot for us, mexicans and every aviation enthusiast that it makes it into Infinite Flight.

Mexicana began using their A330’s on februrary 11th, 2009 with the MMMX-LEMD route, after announcing on late 2008 a big international route expansion. This were some of its routes they operated with the A330’s:

  • Mexico city MMMX-London Gatwick EGKK

  • Mexico city MMMX-Madrid Barajas LEMD

  • Mexico city MMMX- São Paulo-Guarulhos SBGR

  • Mexico city MMMX-Cancún MMUN

Thanks for your time! I really hope this beautiful livery gets to IF:)

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Mexicana A330-200 (XA-MXP)