Mexicana A330-200 (XA-MXP)

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Now that unexpectedly the A330 rework request was opened again-I want to take this opportunity to make a new request about a livery that I think many people would like to have in the sim, of course we don’t know if the A330 rework is on the plans of the IF team but if that’s the case please vote for this livery👌

About Mexicana de aviación history

about the A330 history

Why would I vote for this livery?

You should vote for this livery because it’s unique and a really beautiful looking one, there’s almost no Mexican liveries and Mexicana is the first one and I’d say the most important airline in the history of Mexico, it really worth it🤩, will bring new flights and events that we could possibly do with the addition of this livery, it would be an awesome tribute to this extinct airline to have their beautiful A330. 🇲🇽 ⚪️🔵

**mexicana A330-200 image**

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Nice Livery! Don’t forget to vote for your Livery!

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Feel free to say your opinions, I want to hear them 👀

This livery looks amazing. We don’t see enough black/navy liveries, this would be amazing to fly around!

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Looks amazing. Got my support

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