Mexican airports and liveries

Add more 3D airports such as MMGL, MMMY and MMUN which are also primary airports for the country.

Also, would be nice to consider Aeroméxico 789, MAX8, MAX9, Volaris 320/321, Vivaaerobus 321 and Interjet 320/321 :)

I know this is too much to ask, but hopefully some could be considered.

I do appreciate and love all the changes and efforts given to the App and community.

Many thanks!

Hey there!

There are multiple #features requests for these requested liveries, all you have to do is search them up and vote. As for airports, currently Infinite Flight is not taking any 3D airport requests but don’t worry, it is a goal for Infinite Flight to have every airport in the world be 3D.

Here are some liveries you requested.

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Thanks for the heads up. Will search them up and vote :)